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Titre: <strong>Sweetgrass</strong><br>De: <strong>Lucien Castaing-Taylor</strong><br>Nationalité: <strong>français</strong><br>Date de sortie: <strong>14 décembre 2011</strong><br>Avec: <strong>acteurs inconnus</strong><br>Distributeur: <strong>Mandragora</strong><br>Récompenses: <strong>2 nominations</strong><br>
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</p>Durant l'été 2003, un groupe de bergers à la tête d'un troupeau de moutons traverse les montagnes du Montana, à l'extrême Nord-Ouest des Etats-Unis. Sur 300 km de vallées verdoyantes et de plaines enneigées à perte de vue, les bergers acheminent tant bien que mal les centaines de moutons. Mais en cette paisible contrée rodent loups et ours.</p>
</p>Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) has a sweet, long-lasting aroma that is even stronger when the grass has been harvested and dried and is then moistened or burned. An unsentimental elegy to the American West, Sweetgrass follows the last sheepherders to trail their flocks up into Montana's Beartooth mountains for summer pasture. Sweetgrass Food Co. was born out of our equal love of Seattle and good, wholesome food. We’ve been fortunate enough to encounter many like-minded people along the way.</p><p> スウィートグラスは、単に食事ができるレストランはなく、'心休まるひととき'を堪能して頂きたいと考えております。 Sweet Grass, Mooresville, North Carolina. 5.4K likes. Sweet Grass \sweet\ grass \ n: Used by many to dispel negativity and to evoke a soothing, peaceful. Follow Us. This template is empty Define sweetgrass: a slender fragrant perennial grass (Hierochloe odorata) that typically grows in moist soils and is used especially in basketry</p>

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