Sons of Good Earth

Sons of Good Earth

Titre: Sons of Good Earth
De: King Hu
Avec: acteurs inconnus

Directed by King Hu.

With Peter Chen Ho, Betty Loh Ti, Pao-Shu Kao, Kuang Chao Chiang. Sons of Good Earth ein Film von King Hu. Inhaltsangabe: Ein mandschurisches Dorf zettelt eine massive Revolte gegen ihre japanischen Besetzer an, die in … Télécharger Sons of Good Earth BDRIP TRUEFRENCH. Aucune synopsis Sons of Good Earth – In a tale of the Sino-Japanese war, a peasant militia with only handguns takes on very well-armed troops.

Sons of the Good Earth War film set during the second Sino-Japanese war. With “Sons of Good Earth”, Hu tackles the Sino-Japanese war from the perspective of the inhabitants of a small town in the Northeast. See the full list of Sons of Good Earth cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Telecharger Sons of Good Earth Uptobox TRUEFRENCH HD. Aucune synopsis Sons of the Good Earth (1965) is a movie genre War was released on 1965-03-19

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