Titre: Shakedown
De: James Glickenhaus
Nationalité: américain
Date de sortie: 6 juillet 2016
Avec: Peter Weller,Sam Elliott,George Loros

Un ancien flic et un avocat font équipe pour arrêter un policier désormais corrompu.

A shakedown is a period of testing or a trial journey undergone by a ship, aircraft or other craft and its crew before being declared operational. Shakedown may refer to: Shakedown (continuum mechanics), a type of plastic deformation; Shakedown (testing) or a shakedown cruise, a … 8/19/2007 · Great opening song from Beverly Hills Cop II performed by Bob Seger (of the Silver Bullet Band), a number one song in the US in 1987 (No release in the UK. Afgelopen zondag waren de VAS-piloten aan hun eerste rally van het seizoen toe. De nieuwe Monteberg Short Rally wist een pak (buitenlands) volk. 1/29/2012 · ‘Shakedown’ by Bob Seger from ‘Beverly Hills Cop II Soundtrack’ (1987). The Shakedown Band are a North East-based wedding and function band who perform an exciting mix of disco, soul, pop, swing and rock that is guaranteed to get you and. KustomShakedown – the Swiss Kustom Car Show.

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