Killing Sharks

Killing Sharks

Titre: Killing Sharks
De: Pat Corbitt
Nationalité: américain
Date de sortie: 6 février 2008
Avec: Leighanne Littrell,Robin Sachs,Al Sapienza
Titre original: Megalodon

La folie des hommes est sans limite : à la recherche de l’or noir, le pétrôle, une entreprise avide d’argent décide d’exploiter les ressources enfouies au coeur de l’antarctique. La plate-forme de forage Colossus, la plus grande ayant jamais existée, est alors construite. Hélas… Sous la couche de glace millénaire, au fin fond de l’océan, ils vont réveiller le roi des prédateurs marins, endormis depuis des siècles : le légendaire Carcharodon Megalodon, l’ancêtre du grand requin blanc…

The Western Australian shark cull is the common term for a former state government policy of capturing and killing large sharks in the vicinity of swimming beaches by. We are emptying the ocean of sharks and rays. Of the 1000-plus known shark and ray species globally, nearly one-quarter are classified as Threatened with Extinction. About Sharks and the Killing of Sharks Or download MP3 (Right-click or option-click and save link) This is SCIENCE IN THE NEWS in VOA Special English. This is the first time orcas have been blamed for killing great white sharks off South Africa. 03/05/2007 · The giant octopus is extremely common throughout the Pacific North West and they held a … Japan is the latest country to feel the brunt of China’s fishing industry, which suffers from overcapacity due to huge government subsidies. The reality is that most shark attacks are caused by relatively small sharks, says Burgess (see where they happen). Instead of seeking out people to munch on, they. Frequently Asked Questions About Sharks. What Causes Sharks to Attacks Humans? Sharks do not normally hunt humans. When they do attack a human, it is. Modern sharks began to appear about 100 million years ago. Fossil mackerel shark teeth date to the Early Cretaceous. One of the most recently evolved families is the.

Watch Sharkwater and help save sharks, and the oceans the we depend on. You can make a difference.

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