Angels of the city

Angels of the city

Titre: Angels of the city
De: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
Nationalité: américain
Avec: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs,Kelly Galindo,Danny Acevedo
Distributeur: Metropolitan FilmExport

Deux étudiantes feraient n’importe quoi pour entrer dans la sororité du campus. Elles n’hésitent pas à prendre des poses lascives dans les rues, afin de se faire remarquer. Au cours de cette journée, elles assistent à un meurtre. Malheureusement pour elles, le tueur les a repérées et va les traquer.

Directed by Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs. With Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Kelly Galindo, Danny Acevedo, Jammie Adams. College girls dressed as hookers for a sorority. 22/05/2011 · Video by Lueur Verte, from ‘Cobra’ movie (1986). Music by Robert Tepper – Angel Of The City (1986). Los Angeles is a city of pet lovers. A place where you’ll see everything from dogs riding shotgun in convertibles to cats being pushed in strollers. Everyone here. 22/04/2008 · ‘Crime is the disease. Meet the cure.’ First came Rocky, then he was Rambo, and now Sylvester Stallone (‘The Specialist,’ ‘Cliffhanger,’ ‘Tango & Cash. Marino Marini drew on the tradition of Etruscan and Northern European sculpture in developing his themes of the female nude, the portrait bust, and the equestrian figure. Lyrics to ‘Angel of the city’ by Robert Tepper.

Another hard day in the city / Sweat pouring down oh it ain’t to pretty / Working your fingers to the bone / Buy City of Angels [DVD] [1998] from Amazon’s Movies Store.

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